Featured on Social life in Peel on Rogers TV – Ray McMillan*, gives the 101 on financing real estate and real estate trends in the region of Peel and surrounding areas.


The Ray C. McMillan Mortgage Team is a full service mortgage brokerage that offers mortgages for any type of transaction involving real estate. We finance everything from; single family homes, high rise condos, commercial units, vacant land, recreational and vacation properties, rental and investment properties, mobile homes and new construction just to name a few.

​Our mortgages are funded by major banks, mortgage companies and private lenders, and as such we are able to provide mortgage advice and products for the most simple to the most complex transactions.  We are most at home dealing with clients in distress and experiencing some form of mortgage stress. This usually involves clients who have already approached their bank or existing lender and have been rejected and declined and are usually quite unsure what their options are. This is where The Ray C. McMillan Mortgage Team comes in. We are able to make the most hopeless mortgage situation look simple. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and all many clients need is someone who is patient enough to understand and empathize with their current situation and provide a clear solution that will help them to fix the immediate mortgage challenges and get back on track.

Many of the clients we work with are those who are going through:

1.  A divorce or separation

2. Clients experiencing mortgage and/or property tax arrears

3. Self-employed clients dealing with personal income tax arrears or business income tax issues

4. Clients overwhelmed by consumer debt and looking for a solution

5. Clients purchasing or financing unique properties; (these can include properties serviced by well and septic, properties on large acreages, properties in small rural communities and properties on leased land)

6. Clients purchasing multiple investment properties and find themselves facing challenges getting financing because of  the bank’s “four door policy”

7.  Clients who are retired or close to retirement and who would like to remain in their home, but aren’t too sure how they will be able to afford it.

Click on link to watch video of Ray as featured on Social Life in Peel on Roger’s TV    

Added to all this we also assist clients who have an interest in purchasing real estate in the Caribbean; notably, Jamaica, Grenada, St. Lucia and Barbados. For many, the thought of owning Caribbean real estate is only a dream, but with our realtor partners, solicitors and lenders who work out of the Caribbean, that dream is much more attainable than many may think.

Our role at the Ray McMillan Mortgage Team is to make mortgages simple.

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