The Top 5 Cities That Truck Drivers Would Avoid Like The Plague (If They Could)


The Top 5 Cities That Truck Drivers Would Avoid Like The Plague (If They Could)
Blog January 14, 2015 2:06PM
Drivers agree on five worst North American cities to drive in
by Kevin Snobel

Truck Drivers on popular social media site were asked for the towns they absolutely dread heading too and would avoid if they could. Here are there top 5 responses.

Gary, Indiana

If you type Gary, IN into Google image search, the related searches at the top of the page include ghetto, slum, gangs, and haunted houses. That pretty much sums it up. -rat-a-tat-kat

I once stopped in Gary, Indiana, at a Denny’s at around 4am. Here’s a tip: Don’t do that. -mattgrande

Camden, New Jersey

I’ll have a picnic on 8 Mile in Detroit before I get out of the car in Camden. -stosh2014

Blythe, California

When I’m hauling racehorses I will NOT go through Blythe CA. Once got rejected with 9 Canadian racehorse broodmares in 105 heat because their International Health Certs were signed in red ink instead of black. (Red was a Canadian requirement at the time. USDA preferred blue or black for USDA origin certs) he changed his tune when I demanded he call the state veterinarian. Boy was that vet mad. -Orthonut

Fontana, California

First 3 exits off the interstate say NO TRUCKS, get off at next exit and you end up in the left lane. The sign for the truck route is on the right side of the road hidden behind all the traffic. One block up the cop sits and writes no truck tickets all day long. Then you drive 300 miles to be there for the court date(and notice all the trucks in the parking lot), and that day is to set a date for court, not the actual trial. And then you find that the time to ask for a trial was the 2 hours before court started during the ask for a trail phase. If I had the last truckload of food and Fontana was starving, I would park the truck on the overpass and burn it to the ground. -rhekn

Brampton, Ontario

Brampton. A city in Ontario, Canada. Literally the worst drivers in Canada. There is so much insurance fraud that Bramptonians pay the highest auto insurance premiums in North America. fritzmongroid

Do you agree with the list? What locations would you add to it that you dread going to? Let us know in the comments below.


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