Super rich love Vancouver and Toronto

Super rich love Vancouver and Toronto

by Jamie Henry | 18 Feb 2015

The world’s super-rich love buying property in Vancouver and Toronto according to a new report from realtors Knight Frank. The study found that New York and Aspen top the list of 100 global locations favored by the wealthiest investors but Vancouver and Toronto also make the top 30 at numbers 25 and 30 respectively. To be considered wealthy for this poll buyers need at least U$30 million in assets and their spending power pushed up prices of luxury homes by 7.5 per cent in Vancouver and 5.3 per cent in Toronto for the 12 months to December 2014.

See the top 100.

Most Loved, and Shunned, Luxury-Home Destinations of the Superrich

Annual percentage change (to December 2014) of luxury-home prices in 100 cities and second home locations around the world

Published Feb. 16, 2015

Note: All price changes relate to local currency and reflect nominal change. Data for Moscow, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Riyadh relate to the period from third-quarter 2013 to third-quarter 2014. Data for Tel Aviv relates to the period from November 2013 to November 2014. Tokyo relates to properties above ¥100 million.
Source: TKnight Frank’s Prime International Residential Index, Wealth Report 2015

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