How much house does $846K get you? In Winnipeg a mansion, in Toronto a dump

A lot has been made about the “crooked house on Shaw street” that has been put up for sale for a staggering $688,800.

That’s an awful lot of money for a two-storey, fixer-upper that might have more value as a total tear down.

But what will the same amount of money get you in other cities across Canada?

In Vancouver, no stranger to sky-rocketing real estate prices, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo is $845,000   – plus monthly fees of $488.

Further west, in Victoria, $849,000 will get you two homes. The duplex, which also includes a third living space, faces a lake.

In Calgary, this has 3,500 square-foot home – in fancy-sounding Hamptons!  – has five bedroom and four bathrooms. It’s listed at $844,900.

At $100 more just a few hours north, this Edmonton home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a fire pit.  It’s listed at $845,000.

In Regina, $849,000 will pay for a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home, full of 10- and 11-foot ceilings. And a wet bar.

In Winnipeg, a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is listed at $848,000. It comes with two storeys, four parking spaces, and 2,559 square feet.

In Ontario, $846,000 goes a lot further once you leave Toronto. In Amherstburg, a 3,000 square foot home is just $844,900 — and it comes with another 1,100 square foot home on the same lot. The listing notes it’s perfect for in-laws. And that both homes overlook the Detroit River.

And in Cobourg, $845,000 will buy four bedrooms, five baths, and a short walk to the beach.

You could buy four homes in Montreal for the price of one in Toronto. A building containing four two-bedroom, one-bathroom units is listed at $847,000.

In Quebec City, a five-bedroom, two-bedroom cottage (in the Saint Foy area) is $845,000.

In St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home is $845,000.

Heading further into the Maritimes, most homes in this price range come with lake views. In Miramichi, New Brunswick, $849,500 will buy three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and, yes, stunning views.

Further east, in Hammonds Plain, Nova Scotia, this lakeview bungalow with three bedrooms and four bathrooms is $849,900.

Finally, in Charlottetown, $848,000 will get you lake access, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a saltwater pool.

Source: 680 News  ERIN CRIGER Jul 23, 2015 2:51 pm EDT

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