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WATCH: Why Being Near Water Could Be the Key to Happiness, According to Research

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Even daydreaming about traveling off to a faraway island, where the sand is warm, and the water is crystal-clear blue can give people a sense of calm. So, this should make it no surprise that actually sitting next to a pristine body of water actually does come with some pretty fantastic well-being benefits.

According to best-selling author and marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, merely being close to a body of water, be it sea, river, lake, or ocean, promotes mental health and happiness. And he wrote all about it in his book, Blue Mind.

“The term ‘blue mind’ describes the mildly meditative state we fall into when near, in, on or under water,” Nichols told USA Today in 2017. “It’s the antidote to what we refer to as ‘red mind,’ which is the anxious, over-connected and over-stimulated state that defines the new normal of modern life.”

As Nichols noted, research proves his theory that being near water can help us all achieve “an elevated and sustained happiness.”

That elevated level of happiness happens because, according to Nichols, water helps in “lowering stress and anxiety, increasing an overall sense of well-being and happiness, a lower heart and breathing rate, and safe, better workouts. Aquatic therapists are increasingly looking to the water to help treat and manage PTSD, addiction, anxiety disorders, autism and more.”

Perhaps this is why we are all willing to pay more for a house along the water, or a room with an ocean view.

Moreover, being near water can increase our creativity, including our conversational abilities. But, being near water doesn’t only help us during our waking hours. It can help us in our sleep, too.

“There is some research that says people may sleep better when they are adjacent to nature,” W. Christopher Winter, M.D., author of The Sleep Solution, told Conde Nast Traveler. “No wonder sleep machines always feature the sounds of rain, the ocean, or a flowing river.”

And this gift of Mother Nature’s to soothe us all with a simple drop of water is precisely why Nichols believes it’s so important to protect this precious gift.

Source: SouthernLiving.com – By Stacey Leasca July 19, 2018

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How To Sell Your Property In Jamaica


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Thinking About Moving? Want A Change Of Scenery? Have You Had Any Thoughts Of Selling?

Selling a property in Jamaica, can be a scary process, if you do not have the right Real Estate Professional by your side. Thank God, I am here to assist you!

When selling Real Estate, every owner wants the same thing – the Best Possible Price with the least amount of Hassle and Aggravation. Doing business in today’s real estate world requires experience and training in such fields as: Real Estate Marketing, Financing, Negotiation and Closing – all of which I possess.


All you need to do is pick up the phone and give me a call at 1-876-862-5848. I can also be contacted via whatsapp, text messaging, email at paulasellsjamaica@gmail.com My Facebook Business Page – Paula Sells Jamaica and my YouTube Channel is – Paula Sells Jamaica. After which, I will schedule an appointment with you, at your earliest convenience, to view your property and discuss our way forward.

After I have viewed your property, I will go back to my office and research your property and present you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A CMA in the simplest of terms, is a valuation which a Professional Real Estate Agent does, which gives you a suggested price, at which to list your property for sale, by comparing your property with all the properties which have sold in recent time and which are currently on the market for sale in your area. Unfortunately, this cannot be used to submit to Banks or other Lending Institutions. After I present you with your CMA, I will also present you with my customized Marketing Plan for your Property. This is my guideline on how, I will get your property sold, for the most amount of money, in the shortest possible time.

Your Marketing Plan may include, but is not limited to: Newspaper Advertising, Magazine Advertising, Web-listing, Social Media Advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), Signage (For Sale sign posted at a designated spot), Open Houses, Networking with other Sales Associates/Brokers or Real Estate Companies and other appropriate marketing strategies.

We will agree on the best Listing Price, that will ensure that your property is Competitive with others for sale in your surrounding area. We will discuss the Listing Agreement and the length of the Agreement. Then we will sign to what we have agreed upon.

The house will need to be in “Show” condition before being placed on the market, so we will also discuss what will need to be done, if anything, before your property goes up on the Multiple Listing System (MLS), where it will be syndicated to thousands of websites across the world. Our goal is to make your home as attractive as possible to Prospective Purchasers, which will shorten the time it will be on the market and increase the chances of us getting “Top Dollar” for your property.

After your house is placed on the market and we have done numerous showings to prospective purchasers and obtained an Offer to Purchase from an interested buyer. I will explain the Offers details to you and help you to negotiate the best possible price we will be able to get for your property.

After we have agreed on a Sales Price with the Purchasers, I will turn over all documentation to your Attorney, who will prepare the “Sales Agreement” for both you and the buyer to sign. The buyer will be required to pay a minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price upon signing this agreement.

Both Attorney’s then begin the process of transferring the title, this includes the payment of Stamp Duties and Transfer Taxes. The balance of the purchasing price is due upon the closing of the sale.


If the buyer’s purchase is financed by a Mortgage from a Jamaican Financial Institution, the average time to complete the sale is approximately 60-120 Days or 2-4 months from the signing of the Sales Agreement. However, please bear in mind, this is not always the case. This time frame may be extended because of situations beyond anyone’s control or it may also be shorter. It all depends on may variables.

The period of closing for a cash purchase is determined by the buyer and the seller. However, this can be as quickly as 30-45 days all being well.


Government Transfer Taxes & Registration Fees (5% and 0.5% respectively of the Selling Price). This may change on April 1, 2019.

Government Stamp Duty (4% of the purchase price), which is shared equally between Seller and Buyer.

Real Estate Agent Commission (approximately 5% – 6%).

Attorneys Fees (approximately 3% – 5% of purchase price, or as negotiated).


Source : Paula Sells Jamaica – Paula Roper Bacchas
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How to ‘plan, invest and retire wealthy’

What if condo investing were as easy as owning a mutual fund? Well, it can be.

Connect Asset Management will be at the Investor Forum on March 2 to explain how it helps its clients turn one property into several and build portfolios that cash flow millions of dollars. One of the ways in which Connect Asset Management does that is by helping investor clients access to some of the most exclusive real estate developments in Ontario.

“We help investors plan, invest and retire wealthy with cash flow in condos,” said real estate broker and founder of Connect Asset Management Ryan Coyle. “It’s completely hands-off for our clients; we make investing in real estate as easy as owning a mutual fund.”

Connect Asset Management builds a strategy for its clients predicated on timing—that is, strategically choosing when to purchase a property.

“From acquisition to completion, there’s a tremendous amount of growth on capital appreciation and rental appreciation, so when the condo is built they have all this appreciation that gives them the ability to refinance, pull out the equity and buy more property,” said Coyle. “We help our clients identify the optimal time to flow that capital into more properties.”

The strategy, which Connect Asset Management will decode at the Investor Forum, is called the Multiplier Effect: The ability to use equity in a safe, not to mention lucrative, way. Coyle says that, with the right strategy, anyone can become a millionaire through investing in real estate.

For starters, ever wonder why the best units in key developments are gone well before sales open to the public?

“We’ve been a top-producing team for many years now and what that means for us is we get to access all the best developments, and we get our clients first access to all the developments before they open to general public and, quite frankly, before anyone even knows about them,” continued Coyle. “This way, our clients are able to get the best deals on the best units.”

Condominiums are far from Connect Asset Management’s sole investment strategy. The firm identifies key markets where yields remunerate clients well, and some of them include university towns with high enrollment but meagre student lodgings.

“Student housing is often referred to as ‘recession-free real estate,’ meaning that when recessions hit student housing tends to be among the strongest real estate because more people go back to school and that increases the demand on both the rental and resale side. The areas we invest in are seeing some of the highest enrollment rates in the country, and Canadian schools have a shortage of on-campus housing, so there’s a new demand for student living, such as condos.”

Source: Canadian Real Estate Magazine – by Neil Sharma  07 Feb 2019

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